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The City of Vancouver requires that backflow prevention assemblies be installed to protect drinking water from contamination by the backflow from water used for other purposes. Backflow prevention assemblies must be tested after installation, and tested annually by a certified tester, in accordance with the Vancouver Water Works Bylaw 4848. 

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Backflow Testing & Prevention Service in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Many people think that water can only flow in one direction in our pipes, from the water source to the tap, or from the drain to sewage. However, in certain conditions, water can also flow in the reverse direction. This can occur when a water main breaks, a pump fails, or a heating/cooling system builds up too much pressure.

When these accidents happen, your water can be reversed. Even if it was only a short period of time, the consequences can be extremely serious. Non-potable water can contaminate the fresh water supply and result in waterborne diseases that cause health risks. Contaminants that could be introduced include Encolpia, Salmonella, Giardia, and other toxic chemicals such as pesticides, metals and volatile organic compounds.

If your water system has cross connections, you are also at risk of backflow contamination. A cross connection is any direct or indirect connection between a potable water system and any other liquid, gas, or solid matter that could create potential problems without backflow prevention. Older buildings are particular susceptible to these as they have fire suppression systems. These old systems have black iron piping systems that could potentially contaminate potable water systems with lead. In these cases, backflow devices are crucial to ensure that the potable water is not contaminated.

How Often Does Backflow Prevention Devices Need to be Tested?

For the most accurate information on required servicing and testing, contact your municipality’s waterworks department.

The City of Vancouver and its surrounding municipalities requires that all backflow prevention devices are tested annually by a certified tester. If testing indicates failure or a faulty device, businesses and residences will be required to repair the equipment and submit it for a new round of testing following the repair.

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